Maltesers AirPods Case


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💪   Made from strong, durable silicone
✅   Protects AirPods against scratches, chips & dents
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Maltesers AirPods Case Cover

This Maltesers AirPods case cover is brought to you by AirPod Cases Australia. 

Life is full of important questions.

One being: WHY are Maltesers SO good?

Our guess? It must be the crisp, airy centre and delicious chocolatey shell.

The next question we ask is, how do you protect your AirPods against chips, scratches, dust and dirt while enjoying Maltesers?

With a Maltesers AirPods case or course!

Our Maltesers AirPod cases are stylish, practical and functional. Made with durable silicone material and backed by a 1 year replacement warranty, the Maltesers AirPods case will protect your AirPods and represent your unique personality and style. They’re delicious!

Compatibility of the Maltesers AirPods Case

  • Available for Apple AirPods Gen 1 & 2 and Pro (select your model above)

Features of the Maltesers AirPods Case

  • Charge port accessible without removing cover
  • Wireless Qi charge compatible (for AirPods Gen 2 & Pro)
  • Protects AirPods case from scratches, chips, dust and dirt
  • Shockproof and drop proof protection
  • Easy to take on and off

Included with Purchase

  • 1 x Maltesers AirPods case (select your style above)
  • 1 x Carabiner – Easy loop latch attachment for use on keyring, belt or clothing

Material Specs

  • Made from high-grade, durable silicone
  • Washable and tear resistant
  • Shockproof and waterproof (Note: Product material is waterproof but it won’t make AirPods waterproof)


All of our products come with a 1 year replacement warranty. Please contact us for more information about making a warranty claim.

PLEASE NOTE: Apple AirPods are displayed for marketing and/or reference ONLY and are NOT included in the sale of this item.


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